From a humble Pizzeria to a Full-Fledged Food Manufacturing Business

From a humble Pizzeria to a Full-Fledged Food Manufacturing Business

Kasa Pizza was established in Pennsylvania in 1978. We began as a humble pizzeria and then grew into a chain that spread across the Pocono Mountains. Nine years later, Kasa Foods began distributing frozen pizza to businesses in our locale. In 1997, “Pizza by the Slice” became a phenomenon, and it drove us into expanding our market.

The Kasa Foods of Today

Nowadays, we provide a large portion of the populace with a reasonably priced product that perfectly balances taste and convenience. We cater to fundraisers, entertainment centers, convenience stores, theaters, schools, camps, cafeterias, concessions, college dining, daycares, food trucks and bars.

Our Continued Commitment

Kasa Foods still prepares delicious food using the traditional techniques that helped shape our company. Our products give customers the luxury of enjoying a delicious meal from the freezer to the dinner table each night. Kasa's business philosophy is dedicated to excellent service, workmanship that has enduring character, and meeting or exceeding customer expectations every time.

Nonstop Innovation

Despite all of the innovative changes that we have undergone, we have never allowed the quality of our products to be compromised. For the health-conscious consumer, you can rest easy knowing that our food is prepared using wholesome ingredients. It doesn’t just taste good, it’s also good for your body!

Consistent Quality

Our passionate team members derive pleasure from the meticulous care they put into making our products extra special.


Our Product

The delicious Kasa’s Pizza recipe is proprietary to our company so you will not be able to get the same products anywhere else. All of the Kasa products are free of trans fats. Each of the individual pizza components and flavor combinations has been developed with much care, to achieve the perfect balance of seasonings and character that make up a perfect Kasa’s Pizza. The great flavor of the pizza is the #1 reason why so many business owners select Kasa for their compact pizzeria solution – It’s the Taste! Flavorful pizza dough is the foundation of any great pizza. Kasa takes great pride in our proprietary dough and signature sauces.

Kasa Foods offers many different varieties of pizza. Our customers have a few options to choose from so that they can create the pizza that best fits their business.

Crust: Regular or Whole Wheat
Sauce: Red or White
Size: 18” Round, 16” Round, 14” Round, 12” Round, 10” Round and 8” Round,Sicilian Pan Pizza

*Our 18” Round, 16” Round and Sicilian Pan Pizza can be pre sliced into 8 equal parts. All other sizes are available in Un–Cut only*

Order Now

We typically sell our frozen pizza to food service providers and distributors looking to procure a product that can be transported easily yet maintain freshness. You can find our food in schools, military bases, amusement parks, camps, fundraising events, and many more. Get in touch with us today to place an order!

Delicious Advantages for you:


This pizza is more delicious than a freshly baked pizza because you are reheating it, giving the flavor more character. Remember when we were kids and spaghetti always tasted better the next day? Well, the same goes for great pizza!


In 5-10 minutes, you can be eating pizza that tastes just like it’s from your local pizzeria. No calling an order in, waiting for it to be cooked and then delivered to you.


If the taste & convenience hasn’t convinced you that a Kasa’s Pizza belongs in your freezer, savings will! We are so happy to offer you a pizza “by the slice” product. This means that if you or your children are hungry for a fast & healthy snack, you simply pull out a slice or two and in 5-10 min you’re eating REAL pizza! If you are having a pizza party, now you don’t have to OVER-ORDER because when you see the kids are still hungry for more, simply pop a few more slices into the oven and in 5-10 minutes you have REAL pizza for them! Late nights, Saturday afternoons, after school snack, packed in lunch bags, we can go on and on with just how cost effective this one of a kind pizza product is for you and your family. And yes, you can take it on a picnic. After starting the grill, place a piece of aluminum foil on top of the grill, then place the slices of REAL pizza on top and cover. In no time you’re eating delicious, nutritious pizza out in the great outdoors! With Kasa’s you will have the most convenient, delicious, no waste, pizza product available today!

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