Get Delicious Pizza for Your Next Fundraiser

Get Delicious Pizza for Your Next Fundraiser

Our one-of-a-kind product is a huge hit at fundraisers! People can’t seem to get enough of our handmade frozen pizza. This is because we make it the same way your local pizzeria does it —by hand using only the freshest ingredients. Find out what our customers have been saying:

"…your pizza was a big seller, we hope to work with you again…it was a big success."

"…Kasa’s Pizza is the most popular and requested item…we can’t wait to use it again!"

"…our association knows we can always depend on your pizza in the future."

"Thank you Kasa’s. You’re a large part of our continued fundraising success…see you next time!"

Increase Your Fundraising Revenue

Our product can help you raise more money during your next fundraiser. In fact, many of our repeat customers have reported that their profits have increased after they sold our products. Here’s a step-by-step process that you can follow:

Step One: Know Your Goal

If you clearly set and define your goal, then the odds of your success increase exponentially. This is especially true when managing profit margins.

Step Two: Set a Date

Ask one of our representatives for help in picking your sales period and date of delivery. You can download sales materials from our website.

Step Three: Await Payment

The trick is to receive payment right as the customer orders. This will ensure that you will be paying just for the pizza that you’ve sold. Make sure that you only receive checks that are payable to your organization.

Make a Profit Off of Pizza

One of the reasons why our pizza sells so well is because it’s not seasonal. Everybody loves pizza, no matter the time. Reach out to us now and be one of the organizations that have taken advantage of our product’s never-ending appeal!