The delicious Kasa’s Pizza recipe is proprietary to our company so you will not be able to get the same products anywhere else. All of the Kasa products are free of trans fats. Each of the individual pizza components and flavor combinations has been developed with much care, to achieve the perfect balance of seasonings and character that make up a perfect Kasa’s Pizza. The great flavor of the pizza is the #1 reason why so many business owners select Kasa for their compact pizzeria solution – It’s the Taste! Flavorful pizza dough is the foundation of any great pizza. Kasa takes great pride in our proprietary dough and signature sauces.

Kasa Foods offers many different varieties of pizza. Our customers have a few options to choose from so that they can create the pizza that best fits their business.

Crust: Regular or Whole Wheat
Sauce: Red or White
Size: 18” Round, 16” Round, 14” Round, 12” Round, 10” Round and 8” Round

*Our 18” Round and 16” Round can be pre sliced into 8 equal parts. All other sizes are available in Un–Cut only*

› 8" round pizza weighing 8.5 ounces
› 10" round pizza weighing 12 ounces
› 12" round pizza weighing 20 ounces
› 14" round pizza weighing 30 ounces
› 16" round pizza weighing 40 ounces
› 18" round pizza weighing 50 ounces
› 12" X 18" Sicilian pizza weighing 40 ounces


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