Kasa’s Pizza Pack is truly a one of a kind pizza product. I’m so excited to be telling you about this pizza, that I can’t type fast enough! First of all, it is REAL Pizza, made by hand, yes, just like they do at your local pizzeria.


"…your pizza was a big seller, we hope to work with you again…it was a big success."

"…Kasa’s Pizza is the most popular and requested item…we can’t wait to use it again!"

"…our association knows we can always depend on your pizza in the future."

"Thank you Kasa’s. You’re a large part of our continued fundraising success…see you next time!"

These are only a few of the many letters we received from schools, church organizations, clubs, activity groups and scouting troops. These organizations and institutions are already taking advantage of this unique fund raising idea. They have found it is much better than seasonal items, because it sells throughout the year. You can sell our product over and over, and the best part is in every case, people can’t wait to purchase more of Kasa’s Pizza. Sales and profits have increased each and every time an organization has used Kasa’s Pizza for fund raising. If your organization or school district is interested or has any questions about Kasa’s Pizza, please contact us.

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1. Fasten your seatbelt! Your group is about to experience the most exciting, fun and profitable fundraising ride of their lives! The Kasa’s Pizza Pack is perfect for families today who wanted to enjoy delicious pizza fast and east! Imagine, families contacting your group again and again asking…”When are you doing that Kasa’s Pizza again?...We want to buy more!”

2. Kick Off – With the help of your Kasa’s Representative, set your selling period and delivery dates. Sales material can be downloaded directly from our site. It is a proven fact that when you have a clearly defined goal you will experience much greater success, which means you will raise much more money for your group.

3. Let the PROFITS begin! By receiving payment @ the time the customer orders, your profits are already in the bank. All checks you receive should be made payable to your organization. You pay only for the cost of the pizza you’ve sold. The rest is sweet profits for your group! Congratulations!!

Kasa Pizza Packs are an exciting and profitable way to meet your fundraising goals!