Founded in Pennsylvania in 1978, Kasa’s started as a single pizzeria and thru the years expanded to a small chain of establishments throughout the Pocono Mountains. In 1987, the company grew into the distribution of frozen pizza to local businesses. Then in 1997 “Pizza by the Slice” was created from the simple idea that the customer deserved the choice to cook an entire pizza or a few slices at a time.

With the expansion into the frozen pizza business, the Kasa's Pizza of today provides a larger population with a tastefully balanced, reasonably priced product. We are focused on entertainment centers, schools, convenience stores, theatres, hotels, water parks, schools and any other business operation that is looking to enhance profits by offering a quality pizza program inside their existing business.
It is the company’s continued commitment to satisfy a larger population and prepare foods using all the traditional methods that has made the company what it is today. Kasa’s line of fresh frozen foods which currently focuses primarily on handmade pizza, affords customers that ability to enjoy a tastefully-balanced, reasonably priced product any day or night of the week right from the freezer. Kasa Foods products are available for purchase through a number of food distributors. They are also found in restaurants, institutions and schools. Kasa’s products are also regularly used in fundraising ventures.

Through all of the changes and expansive moves made by Kasa Foods, never has quality or taste been jeopardized. Even more important in today’s health-conscious environment is that Kasa Foods are made with wholesome ingredients that are good for you!

Kasa Foods employs really passionate people who take pleasure in applying extra care to deliver an extra special product.

Kasa Foods…Not only taste’s good… but it’s Good for You!

Kasa's Pizza is an approved product for the military. Our establishment is listed in the world wide directory of Sanitarily Approved Food Establishments for Armed Forces Procurement.

"...Kasa's Pizza is the most popular and requested item... we can't wait to use it again!"
"Thank you Kasa's. You're a large part of our continued fundraising success...see you next time!"